Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Manufacturer Oriented Italian Fashion Retail store by Alberto Apostoli Business

When it comes to creating an First-rate fashion store based on some sort of company’s overall communication method, things can get tricky. Nonetheless Alberto Apostoli Studio invented a design that is both equally appealing and brand focused. Here is the official description on the Eliseo store from the designers: “The concept underlying this kind of project is based on a combination of ingenuity and rationality and grows through a refined use of application form, light and colour. Rationality is implicit in the using squared shapes executed throughout glass and metal; ingenuity is mainly to be seen in a few elliptic elements rising in the floor to model typically the false ceilings, thus resulting in separate the retail place into three distinct regions: menswear, ladies’ wear along with young fashion. Important portions of emotional communication with the consumers are, for example , the back‐lit glass display cabinets, the RGB lighting of the false ceiling and the “honeycomb” display devices in glass and material. The LEDs, whose top to bottom and horizontal light is employed by Apostoli as a suitable surface covering, run most along the main aisles on the store and its furnishings, altering the latter into options for indirect light.

All furnishings have been custom‐made by the architect’s own design and are outlined by an unusual combination of wine glass and pearly white colored wood. A particularly impacting factor is provided by the large darkish wall which appears to be “boxed” inside a glass display pantry and whose interior offers the backdrop to the china cabinetry and furniture elements crafting the till area. The huge display table positioned nearby the entrance is particularly striking and chic with its all glass composition that is partially illuminated from inside. A clever use of colour has been conducted: coffee and beige to the resin flooring, dove off white for the furniture and parts of the flooring and, finally, reddish colored - a flash involving colour that defines a number of graphic details, as well as a almost all unusual chair that has been especially created for this project. ”


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